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Style Us: Conference Conventions & Etiquette

What is the purpose of a humanities conference? What is considered professional and unprofessional behavior? What can I expect in a panel? What are methods for addressing tough audiences? What is my responsibility as an audience member? How does one 'network'?


Explore the answers to these questions and more below, from professors in fields ranging from Art and Writing to History, Philosophy, Literature, Political Science, Modern Languages, and even Life Sciences. Use our worksheet to further explore conference conventions and etiquette. 


This workshop is organized by the Department of Humanities and Politics Style Us: Writing and Professionalization Series in partnership with the Crossroads Humanities Student Conference hosted by NSU's Center for Applied Humanities, and has been conducted each year since 2021.

Interested in working your conference paper into a journal article for publication? Explore the Style Us webpages for students preparing to publish academic articles and creative writing.

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